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About the use of illustrations

Mr. High Moon basically does not make annoying copyright claims about the manga and illustrations he created, but rather hopes that they will be used by many people. For example, it can be used not only in paper media but also in electronic media for newsletters of environmental NPOs, educational pamphlets for waste management of each local government, and teaching materials at educational sites. When using illustrations, we would appreciate it if you could specify the source, such as 'From the homepage of High Moon Gallery'. In addition, we will refuse to use it for things related to corporate profits.

If you like, I would be grateful if you could let me know where you used the illustration in the next form.

Message form using illustrations link

Please note that if you submit using the form below, it will be sent to Mr. Takatsuki himself and the person who has technical control.

You can also use this for technical questions regarding the use of illustrations.


Message form(Japanese)


Attention: The form is written in Japanese. Please fill your name in 'お名前', your organizaion in 'ご所属', e-mail in 'メールアドレス', title in '題名' and message contents in 'メッセージ本文'.